The Gingerbread House Show: Santa with Muscles

Ho ho ho baby! It is Christmas eve morning. What better way to prepare for tomorrow’s festivities than with your favorite three wise men – The House Show trios tag team champions. We sat back and watched the 1996 holiday classic, Santa with Muscles. Starring the one and only Hulk Hogan, this 97 minute feature took us multiple days to get through.

Hogan stars as Blake Thorn, a millionaire who loves to put his face all over his vitamins and supplements. (Type casting.) Blake and his crew are avoiding the police and he disguises himself in a Santa costume. While hiding, Blake takes a bump on the head and now is convinced that he is Santa himself. Blake does what any Santa does – beat up petty criminals and embrace a strange pull to the local orphanage. The orphanage is under attack by an evil scientist, played by Ed Bagley Jr. Blake, along with his elf buddy Lenny, and the children and staff of the orphanage, figure out who he used to be and maybe help him become someone better.

Your trios champions break down all the ups and downs of Santa With Muscles and this iconic Hulk Hogan performance. We question everything in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This leads to the longest Hot Tag in show history.

All of that plus, a shocking revelation that might get The House Show kicked off of the Retro Network. Will Kevin return for season three? Or will Matty and the Educator distance themselves from his controversial opinions?

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