Summer Camp: The Campy Movies of My 80’s Youth, Installment #4

It’s installment #4 of Summer Camp! A two more honorable mentions that require your attention: Time Rider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982) and MegaForce (1982). Both are entertaining and both available to rent on YouTube.

Both of today’s movies are a couple of my favorites from the 80’s. I still quote both of them on a regular basis. Re-watching both of these was a great time! I forgot how much I loved both movies. Just One Of The Guys is actually available for streaming numerous places (which was a little surprising) but Gotcha! isn’t available to stream anywhere. I actually had to buy the DVD. Let’s get to it!

#7 – Just One Of The Guys (1985)

Synopsis: Convinced that her gender is the reason she lost a coveted journalism award, a high schooler switches schools–and sexes–going undercover to prove her point and win the writing prize.

Biggest Star(s): Does William Zabka (Karate Kid) count?

My Take: I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s FULL of junior high boy humor which is straight up my alley. Joyce Hyser really does pull off her guy character but watching her brother teacher her how to be a guy is a riot. Most of the supporting characters are entertaining and, as I said earlier, there are still a couple of lines in this movie I still quote from time to time. I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for some mindless entertainment one night.

High Point: Buddy, the younger brother. He and his overactive libido steals the show! (I mean it’s really Joyce Hyser in a bikini but we won’t go there.)

Low Point: There really isn’t one. Maybe the overblown bad guy character that Billy Zabka plays?

#6 – Gotcha! (1985)

Synopsis: College freshman Jonathan Moore convinces his parents to pay for a European vacation. In Paris, he meets a sexy spy who invites him to accompany her to West Berlin where she tricks him into smuggling secrets across the Iron Curtain while evading KGB agents.

Biggest star: Anthony Edwards, Linda Fiorentino.

My Take: This movie is one of my favorite 80’s movies. I remember loving it when I was a teen but during my re-watch I remembered just how much I loved it. The title come from an assassination game Jonathan and his friends play on campus with paintball guns. After the movie came out, a group of us attempted to play it in the halls of the high school with rubber dart guns. That lasted a couple of days then the vice principle shut us down. Womp. The movie debuted at a time when Berlin was still divided and Russia was still the USSR so it confirmed every idea you had about those two countries. I took French in high school and this came out my freshman year. The scenes were he tries to speak French were a source of endless laughs in that class. I can easily think of 8 lines I still quote to this day. This movie? WELL worth your time.

High Point: The German punk band

Low Point: None, whatsoever.

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