Stan Bush “The 80s” Music Video Is Here!

For those of you who listen to the TRN Podcast, you’ll remember that we featured Stan Bush’s new single “The 80s” in Episode 010. We teased that the music video was going to be released soon and that day is here!

The music video for “The 80s” features Bush and his band performing the song combined with an eclectic look back into the his memories as a young musician. I personally reached out to Bush for some quick thoughts on the video:

We had a blast making the music video for “The 80’s”. I feel like it captured a fun 80’s vibe.

The song is a look back at the music and cool memories of the 80’s.  An added bonus was working with my son who played the younger version of me.

The new song will be included on my upcoming album in spring of 2020.

Check out the music video below and be sure to subscribe to the official Stan Bush Youtube channel and visit for all the latest info on his music.


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