SequelQuest Rewind | Completing the TRON Trilogy | EP72

 (From April 2018)

Greetings, Programs. Now booting up the SequelQuest podcast for your listening pleasure. In 1982 the world was not ready for the expedition into the computer world of Tron with Jeff Bridges, but flash forward nearly 30 years later to Tron: Legacy in 2010 and the digital landscape of our world made The Grid feel like another day at the office.

The visual spectacle of the Tron movies brought cutting edge computer graphics into the cinematic landscape in an unforgettable way with light cycles races, Solar Sailor rides and the Master Control Program. Unfortunately the Tron train seems to be stuck at the station as the Walt Disney Company focuses more on their Marvel and Star Wars properties.

But what about the many characters, designs and philosophical concepts of The Grid? Have no fear, SequelQuest is ready to continue the story of Kevin Flynn with our pitches for Tron 3. Along with our guest host, Michael Cannetti entering the games, Adam, Jeff and Jeramy get deep into the history and future that is possible for a third Tron film.

You are now ready to listen to the SequelQuest podcast. End of Line. TRON 3.

SequelQuest Rewind | Completing the TRON Trilogy | EP72


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Music: “Let’s Go Back” performed by Donovan Raitt
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