SequelQuest Rewind | An Omnibus of GOONIES Sequels | EP0 & 100

(From October 2015 & May 2019)


“Goonies Never Say Die”, but Hollywood has sure been dragging their feet about giving fans a sequel to the 1985 film The Goonies. Directed by Richard Donner this exciting treasure hunting adventure featured a cast of colorful child actors such as Sean Astin (Rudy, Lord of the Rings), Josh Brolin (MIB 3, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, License To Drive) in a madcap movie for all ages.

There was an 8-bit sequel to The Goonies in video game form on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but audiences have been left to imagine what a big screen return to the world of Astoria, OR would be like. We here at the SequelQuest podcast are all about giving the fans what they want, so we decided dedicate an episode to discussing what The Goonies 2 would be in our eyes.

Though appearing as episode 3 of the podcast, this was actually a prequel to the official start of our show, an episode Zero if you will. The conversation was so fun and the final story idea so outrageous, we just had to share it with you. Keep an eye out for the post announcing the drop date of this very special episode.



SequelQuest has finally hit 100 episodes and to celebrate we’re taking a look back at the history of the show with special greetings from many of our past guests.

As a special part of the celebration we’re also returning to the 1st movie we ever “sequelized”, 80’s classic The Goonies. This time around we’re imagining a prequel to the Richard Donner film from 1985 and pitching the earlier adventures of Mikey, Mouth, Data and Chunk.

So how did The Goonies first meet? What does the dark history of Astoria, Oregon have to do with the abandoned Walsh mansion? And how the heck do the mythical Bandage Man and Bat-Squatch end up in the mix? Listen now and find out.

We thank you for joining us for these 100 episode of SequelQuest and we can’t wait to bring you many more!


SequelQuest Rewind | An Omnibus of GOONIES Sequels | EP0 & 100

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