SequelQuest Rewind | An ET Sequel | EP28

Is An ET Sequel Possible?!
(October 21st, 2016)

Can you believe it? It’s been one year (2019 Note: Now 4 years!?) since we launched the SequelQuest podcast and we have a whole back catalog of audio memories to listen back to. Thanks for being there along the way.

What started as an excuse for friends to get together on a weekly basis and make each other laugh with movie sequel ideas has remained exactly that. Usually ridiculous, forever imaginative, that’s the SequelQuest experience. Thanks to Jeff, Justin, Jeramy and Colton over on our SequelChat show for bringing their unique opinions to each episode. Here’s to many more adventures in podcasting!

Speaking of adventure, this week we’re pitching sequels to a beloved Steven Spielberg classic from 1982, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. This sci-fi fantasy starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore and Dee Wallace has brought wonder to generations of children for over 30 years, so we decided it was time to see what happened next.

Will Elliott and E.T. re-unite again to rekindle their galaxy spanning frriendship? Is this another whimsical journey or a dark, modern day re-imagining? Adam, Jeff, Jeramy and returning guest, Judy toss out some pretty wild ideas during this exciting podcast discussion. But whose idea will win out in the end? Listen now and find out!


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