SequelQuest Rewind | A Patriotic Special: Independence Day/Red Dawn Sequels | EP80

This 4th of July we are exercising our right to podcast by bringing you an action packed show featuring sequels and prequels to films that celebrate freedom in the good ol’ USA.

First the SequelQuest crew practices free speech by digging into what makes a film patriotic and which movies make us want to start waving old glory with a tear in our eyes.

Then Jeff gets bold by pitching a sequel to the 1984 film Red Dawn that takes a look at how the next generation deals with the threat of infiltration by outside forces in the re-organized United States of America.

Adam follows it up with a prequel film to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, exploring the first encounter with the aliens who abducted Randy Quaid’s character and inspired his heroic kamikaze mission.

Finally, Jeramy gives a surprise pitch for a film about a mysterious presidential candidate that you won’t see coming.

So light up some fireworks and celebrate your liberty with SequelQuest episode 80. Don’t worry, we’ll save you a plate of potato salad.

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