SequelQuest | A Sequel to BIRD BOX | EP102

SequelQuest | A Sequel to BIRD BOX | EP102

The Netflix original film Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock was a worldwide phenomenon in 2018 that proclaimed to be the most viewed film in history. This intense horror movie even inspired a brief and ultimately dangerous trend of Bird Box Challenge videos where people attempted to walk, cook and even drive while blindfolded. Despite the controversy, the film remains well regarded and yet no sequel has been announced. That’s where we come in.

Join the SequelQuest Crew of Adam, Jeff and Jeramy as we pitch our ideas for a Bird Box Sequel. What could be next for Sandra Bullock’s Malorie and the world of blind survivalists? Will it be a tale of Boy and Girl all grown up to take on all comers as blind fighting survivors in a world gone crazy? Perhaps a chilling spin-off prequel telling the tale of Charlie’s co-worker, Fish Fingers? The ideas come fast and free in our first podcast episode on The Retro Network, so listen now!

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Intro Music
Music: “Let’s Go Back” performed by Donovan Raitt
Music: “Instinct”
Exit Music
Music: “Let’s Go Back” performed by Donovan Raitt
Music: “Careful What You Wish For” from the Bird Box Soundtrack, Buy it here:
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