Scott Hall: My Favorite Chokeslammer

If you’ve been listening to TRN Podcast, you might have heard me mention that I’ve been watching old WCW Monday Nitro programs from the late ’90s on the WWE Network. The “Monday Night Wars” era was really the last time I watched wrestling on a weekly basis and it’s been a fun time remembering all the old storylines.

One thing that I had forgotten about was how entertaining Scott Hall is to me. I’ve always been an nWo fan and the early days of the Outsiders and Hollywood Hogan made it cool to cheer for the bad guys. As their popularity grew, Hall would come out each week on Nitro and conduct a survey. It would eventually become a trademark of his character along with greeting the crowd with “Hey Yo.” Hall also became known for the nicknames he would give other wrestlers he was feuding with like “the Nacho Man” and “Flexy Lexy.” But their was one wrestler that he dissed beyond words that has entertained me the most in my rewatch.

The Giant (later known as The Big Show) was one of the primary faces representing WCW when the nWo came on seen. He would later flip factions several times, joining the nWo for awhile and then back to WCW and then back again to the nWo. During his second stint with WCW, he became a favorite target of Scott Hall during matches.

Various wrestlers have used a chokeslam maneuver over the years like The Undertaker, Kane, Vader, and of course The Giant/Big Show. In an ultimate mockery, Scott Hall would work a chokeslam into his matches but not as a finishing move. Hall would chokeslam his opponent during the middle of a match and then stumble around the ring like Frankenstein and hold his hand aloft like The Giant. Nothing during my rewatch of this era makes me laugh more than Scott Hall’s chokeslam and bad imitation of The Giant. It was a great addition to his character and a not-so subtle way of keeping nWo fans amused.

Check out some queued-up clips below of Scott Hall chokeslamming various opponents followed by mockery of The Giant.


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