Retro Pull List for January 2020.

Welcome comic book fans and stunted adults to the column in which I read through hundreds and hundreds of pages of comic book Previews to tell you what is coming out. Every item listed within this article is coming to your local comic book store during the month of January. You’re done stressing out over Christmas. January is a five paycheck month. It’s time to buy some comics!

He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #3. (DC Comics)

Prince Keldor, who you might know as Skeletor in another universe, takes on the Anti-He-Man. In this series the He-Man of many different worlds must team up to save a planet Eternia that is ruled by Skeletor. The classic He-Man, the New Adventures, the 2002 reboot, and more all appear in this series.

Wonder Twins #11. (DC Comics)

That’s right, Zan and Jana are back on the comic book page and even more surprising, it’s a great book! In this issue the two alien heroes face the menace of Colonel 86 – an evil computer who thinks its 1986. Expect loads of fun ridiculousness within.

Iron Man 2020 #1 (Marvel Comics).

Way back in the 1980’s Tony Stark battled an evil descendant from the far flung future of 2020. Well, (checks watch) that’s today. The future is here and Arno Stark the Iron Man of 2020 is now the Iron Man of today. A great pay off for long time comic readers. Now let’s set our watches for 2099.

Amazing Spider-Man #38 (Marvel Comics).

J Jonah Jameson is back to harass Spidey, but in an all new more dangerous modern day version. As a podcast host! Fans of this site and our friends will no doubt get a kick out of this spin on the legendary journalist.

Star Wars #1 and #2 (Marvel Comics)

What happens to the Rebellion after the Empire Strikes Back? Luke just lost a hand and gained a father. Han Solo is frozen. Lando betrayed them all. This new Star Wars series fills in the blanks between Empire and Return of the Jedi.

Ghostbusters: Year One #1 (IDW).

After the City is covered in marshmallow and demon bits, people want to know more about the Ghostbusters. A biographer is sent to interview the team and begins with Winston Zedmore. Winston talks about his time with the boys and goes into detail on what stuff he’s seen that will make you turn white.

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1 (Dynamite).

Hey kids, remember when comics loved Bad Girls? Chaos comics took this trend to the bank with loads of buxom heroines in tiny costumes with a big helping of demons and devils and heavy metal mixed in. Speaking of such strong metal women… This is what happens when Red Sonja meets up with the citizens of the Chaos universe.

Betty and Veronica Friends Forever: What If? #1 (Archie Comics).

I’m not sure how Archie got the What If title from Marvel, but this concept sounds worth it. What if Betty was the rich snob and Veronica was the girl next door? What if Jughead was the ladies’ man? All this and more will be answered within this multiverse of Riverdale.

Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams (Insight Comics).

This is a $40, 160 page, hardcover graphic novel biography of the one and only David Bowie. As if that’s not enough, it’s also drawn by legendary comic book artist Michael Allred. This is coming out in January, but fully expect to see it on multiple best of the year lists come December.


What are you looking forward to buying? Remember, any good comic store will have these Previews catalogs for you to order from and a great selection of titles.

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