Retro-Inspired Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Retro Network has partnered with to offer some of the best gifts of the holiday season at a special rate for fans of TRN. From now through Christmas, you can use our link to save 15% off your entire order at And I’m here today to give you some inspiration on what to save that money on, by highlighting five of my favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters that they have to offer! Of course they’re all retro-themed, why do you ask? Now that that’s out of the way, let me show you my favorites.

The Riddler Ugly Christmas Sweater

Being a comic book lover in general, and a Batman fan in particular, this Riddler-themed sweater jumped out at me. It’s got a fitting green background to help you blend in during the Christmas season, and the Riddler’s trademark question marks are patterned all over this thing in various sizes. The biggest draw to this sweater is it’s versatility, as it would last beyond the Christmas season and look good for any occasion where the weather calls for something a little heavier than your standard shirt.

Nerf Gun Ugly Christmas Sweater

Not much screams the ’90s as neon colors and Nerf guns, and this sweater has you covered in both respects! I was scrolling through the many Ugly Christmas Sweater offerings and this one leaped off the page at me. I was instantly taken back to the days of sleepovers and all-night Nerf gun battles while trying not to get busted by angry, half-asleep parents.

Alf Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alf is one of the defining properties of the ’80s, and is still much loved almost 40 years after he debuted on the small screen. As a kid, Alf was one of my favorite shows, and Alf merchandise was always on my radar back then. So imagine my delight at finding this Alf Ugly Christmas Sweater in my search. It’s even got him decked out in a Santa hat and scarf so there can be no mistaking this sweater as something as being other than Christmas themed. It’s a nice touch to have the cats around the collar too.

Garield Cardigan Ugly Christmas Sweater

I picked this one for two main reasons. First and foremost, Garfield is one of the symbols of Christmas in my mind. Since the Garfield Christmas Special debuted in the ’80s, it has been a regular on my seasonal watchlist every year. I never grow tired of it or it’s message. Secondly, I like the idea of this one being a cardigan. You never know when you’ll need to dress up, and a cardigan is always a classy step above a normal sweater.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Ugly Christmas Sweater

“Ooh yeah, dig it!” I think I may have peed a little when I came across this sweater during my search. I’ve not been a fan of hardly anything in my life more than pro wrestling. And even though I’m an old NWA diehard, I still had a few favorites in the WWF. “Macho Man” Randy Savage being at the forefront. This sweater is gawdy, which in the worl of ugly Christmas sweaters is a good thing. That’s how they started, and that’s how they should be. And it features the Macho Man the way he should be presented…with the sunglasses and “Macho Man” shirt instead of Slim Jim era Randy Savage. There’s a lot to love about this sweater, and it’s the one I’ll be saving my 15% on this season.

So there’s five of my favorite ugly Christmas sweaters of the 2022 season. If you see one you would like for yourself, remember you can save 15% off everything you order from with out exclusive link for TRN fans. So really, you can’t afford not to go get yourself a little something for Christmas.

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