Rental Return S2 EP1: Meet the Heroes

Season 2 of Rental Return – Tales From the Video Store has begun! We hope you enjoyed our preview episode featuring Adam, Chad, and Jason, but now it’s time to give our Video Heroes the spotlight in Episode 1 of Rental Return.

Episode 1 “Meet the Heroes” will be your introduction to the interviewees in Season 2 of Rental Return. Our “Video Heroes” include Mark DeWitt (@Mark_DeWitt), Brian B. (@InnerDemonsGR), Joe Corey (@YourCanadianGF), Matthew Corey (@rollerdogNC), Bob O’Rourke (@constrictionpix), William Lanham (@deadly_dinosaur), Colin Fitzpatrick, Alan Smith, W. Axel Foley aka Billy Foley, and Brandon Meyers. You will get to hear about their first experiences with renting VHS tapes and what their local video stores were like. Also, hear what titles (and video games) they rented over and over. Plus, listen to brothers Joe and Matt’s experience of owning a Betamax recorder to start and how their experience changed when VHS became the popular format.

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If you are a former rental store employee and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming season, please contact Adam @hojukoolander on Twitter.

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