Recurrent Events: Two New Transformers Movies, WWF Era LEGO, DeLorean Revival

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The big story this week is Hasbro’s apparent plan to bring Transformers back in a big way to theaters. According to Deadline, TWO movies are in development including a continuation of the Bumblebee story from 2018. I’ve seen every Transformers movie, many in the theaters, and Bumblebee was by far my favorite. Having the characters look close to their likeness in the G1 animated series was a great move and I’m looking forward to more. The second movie in development is based on the Beast Wars series which aired from 1996-99. If you’ve never seen it, Beast Wars was definitely a departure from G1 in both its CGI style and the incorporation of animals versus vehicles. Several years ago, I watched a good part of the series with my kids and for the most part, enjoyed it. I’m not sure it will have a wide appeal like the original concept, but I am always interested in how Transformers is presented to kids in the modern day. It’s definitely a smart move to stay in the Bumblebee world and Beast Wars is different enough to distance itself from the Bayverse that most adult fans did not enjoy. But unfortunately the question always comes down to is how much money can it generate at the box office.

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