Recurrent Events: E.T. Sequel TV Ad, AFV Turning 30, Turkey and Stuffing Pizza

Recurrent Events returns to this week’s TRN Podcast with some Thanksgiving leftovers that are just as good reheated. The internet nearly blew up with the recent E.T. commercial from Xfinity and we share our thoughts on the podcast. America’s Funniest Home Videos is bringing back Bob Saget and Tom Bergeron for a 30th anniversary special this coming weekend and I can’t wait! Turkey and stuffing on pizza? Yep, leave it to Canada to come up with what should’ve been an American idea.

Remember, if you see *** before the headline, you’ll be hearing us talk about it on the upcoming episode of TRN Podcast. Here are Recurrent events for the week of Nov 24-30, 2019.





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