Reasons Why Retro Games Are Making a Comeback Among Kids

When you think about retro games, you inevitably think about the best gaming experiences of your life, especially as a kid. Good old days filled with clunky cartridges, bulky units, and pixel art, nothing could beat that! But then, retro games are making a comeback these days.

More and more people turn to retro games for nostalgia. Surprisingly for some, today’s kids seem to go towards the same trends. Sure, it doesn’t apply to everyone, but there are still plenty of kids who love the concept of old school games. What makes them so popular then?

More affordable

Retro gaming is clearly more affordable than the latest innovations on the market. Some consoles can cost thousands of dollars. Games aren’t free either and while they’re not very expensive, costs do add up. For parents, this could be a burden.

On the other hand, old school consoles are considered collectible now. However, you can still find old Sega, Nintendo, or Atari consoles at affordable prices. You can also find ROM games over the Internet and play them on a modern computer through an emulator.

Timeless gaming solutions

Retro gaming comes with another major benefit over major games. They offer a timeless experience.

Think about today’s games for a second. They’re incredibly complex and require time, concentration, and focus. After a few hours, they become tiring.

On the other hand, retro games were designed with simplicity in mind. Too simple, some may say. However, they were extremely engaging.

They did bring in their own challenges, especially in times of movement and timing. They were short and they could be played for hours. Try that with a modern game that will give you headaches after an hour!

More accessible

Retro games are accessible to pretty much everyone. Who isn’t familiar with Mario? Exactly! It’s a basic game that anyone can play in a wide variety of games, both original releases and fan hacks.

Modern titles are, indeed, innovative. They bring in stunning graphics and stories. Not only do they cost, but they’re often difficult to find.

Retro gaming is available everywhere, whether you want original cartridges or you’re just looking for some ROMs.

Their accessibility goes even further. You can’t have a toddler enjoy a sophisticated modern game, but they can easily get used to a basic retro game from the past. It’s fun, colorful and can keep them hooked for hours.

Nostalgic feelings

It’s easy to tell why retro games are making a comeback among adults. They bring in beautiful nostalgic feelings from their childhood. But what about kids?

In theory, a retro game won’t raise such feelings in a kid. But seeing parents play games on an old console or Gameboy, will instantly draw their attention.

Again, these old school games are so simple that anyone can have a good time. And when kids see grownups around them having the time of their lives, they’ll definitely want a piece of that entertainment too.

At the same time, if you do manage to get some old original consoles, they’ll be completely new to kids, so they’ll clearly feel appealing.

On the same note, modern remakes are also responsible for boosting the popularity of retro titles among kids.

If your little one has already had a good time playing a modern version of Mario, they might be interested in more. There are countless sequels of the most popular games out there, providing plenty of opportunities for curious kids.

Old, but fashionable

Last, but not least, retro gaming is fashionable these days. How can someone call themselves a gamer if they can’t have a conversation about the origins of Tetris or Zelda? Exactly!

Retro games are cool and while they don’t bring the intricate stories and graphics associated with modern titles, they’re considered trendy and fashionable.

In a world where everyone’s familiar with Fortnite and FIFA, spending time with a retro console will make kids stand out and feel different.

Despite the old profile, retro games are also backed by powerful communities. There’s no such thing when it comes to modern games. On the other hand, old games will always have some dedicated people behind them, ready to update them or teach the less experienced players.

Final words

Retro games are gaining popularity among kids and adults alike for their nostalgic appeal, affordability, timeless experience, accessibility, and the attention they draw from seeing adults play. Modern remakes, trendy fashion, and strong fan communities also contribute to their resurgence. With dedicated communities supporting these old games, there is a sense of camaraderie and support that adds to their appeal. As a result, the comeback of retro games among kids showcases the enduring charm and appeal of these beloved classics.

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