RD’s Detention: A GoBots Valentine

RD is a detention “lifer” at Memory Meadows High. He passes the time in detention by discussing his favorite things with you… a fellow detainee. All the while, he tries to avoid getting into any further trouble with the school’s Principal, and shoots the breeze with the school’s janitor, “Dustpan” Dutch.

RD’s Retro Detention is what you get when you blend Saved By The Bell, show-and-tell, and retro pop culture together. Each episode features RD gushing over something great from your childhood!

This episode’s subject: GoBots (1983 – 1987) – RD has a secret Valentine who has lavished him with a plethora of transforming robot awesomeness… just not the kind he was hoping for.

Features: GoBots Leader-1, Super GoBots Cy-Kill, Super GoBots Psycho, Transformers Optimus Prime, Transformers VHS tapes, GoBots Leader-1 pencil sharpener, GoBots Leader-1 Friendly GoBots Costume Set, GoBots Cy-Kill pencil pouch, GoBots Leader-1 Gumball Machine Coin Bank, GoBots pinball game, GoBots Nestle Quik promo poster, GoBots handheld racing game, GoBots camera, GoBots Collegeville Halloween costume.

RetroDaze is a nostalgia related channel that celebrates EVERYTHING from our childhoods, mostly from the ’70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. This includes movies, TV shows, video games, toys and action figures, comics and magazines, music, and much more!

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