Music Monday – Huey Lewis & The News Video Spotlight

Huey Lewis & The News is one of those acts that you might think had a couple of hits in the 80’s until you really start to think about it. Truth be told, they had 9 Billboard top 10 songs in the early 80’s between their two albums, Sports and Fore!. The first video of theirs I ever saw was “Heart and Soul”. I loved the song but couldn’t figure out the point of the vampire character. Kinda creeped me out too. By far, my favorite video of theirs is “Hip To Be Square”.

They also scored a couple of hits from the Back To The Future soundtrack (“Power of Love” and “Back In Time”) and Huey even had a cameo in one of the first scenes of the movie.

Before their string of top 10 hits, they score a couple of hits with “Workin’ For A Livin'” and “Do You Believe In Love”. These videos dropped in the early years of MTV when artists really didn’t know what to do in music videos other than act like they were on stage.

I love these guys. In my opinion, their music is timeless. In the 80’s, they sounded like they could be some regular guys playing in a bar and their music still sounds like that. That’s my kind of music. Huey Lewis & The News, ladies and gentlemen…

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