Jay Plays Retro Road

In this week’s mobile game review, Jay Plays Retro Road by Playmous. I’m a huge fan of retrowave music and its aesthetic so I had a nice chill vibe while playing Retro Road in the Nerd Lounge.

Retro Road is a neon lit racing game which features a retro wave music soundtrack and gameplay that mashes up an endless runner with Guitar Hero. While it is visually appealing especially for ’80s fanatics, it lacks some of the basic game features and information to really compete with other mobile games.

Watch the Jay Plays Retro Road episode below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments…

Download Retro Road: Neon Beats for FREE with ads.

Find it now in the Google Play store (not yet available for Apple.)

Official Features:

  • Addictive arcade gameplay
  • Dozens of levels to play for free
  • Earn new songs and car designs
  • Easy to pick but difficult to master
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