Jay Plays Q*Bert

This week’s episode is Jay Plays Q*Bert by Sony Pictures Television. The arcade classic includes familiar gameplay along with new landscapes and collectible characters.

Q*Bert is a personal favorite that I fondly remember playing as a kid in arcades and at home on my Atari 2600. The character was so popular that he even got his own mini cartoon episodes on Saturday Supercade back in 1983-84. The mobile game seems to keep the spirit of the original but be prepared to get bombarded with ads unless you remove them for a $2.99 one-time purchase.

Watch the Jay Plays Q*Bert episode below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments…

Play Q*Bert for FREE with in-app purchases.

Find it now in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Official features

  •  Dozens of puzzle based levels
  • Classic and new arenas!
  • Jump on cubes to change them to the target color
  • Unlock Qbert outfits and characters
  • Avoid Coily!
  • Use rotating disks to lead enemies to their doom
  • Score higher to earn more coins
  • Special Guest Stars – play as Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph!
  • So much swearing!

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