Jay Plays Garbage Pail Kids: The Game

In this review, Jay Plays Garbage Pail Kids: The Game by Reliance Games and Jago Studios. This turn-based RPG mobile game will have ’80s kids clamoring to collect their favorite Topps cards and battle with them! Unlock your favorite characters, upgrade your move sets, and fight your way to become the grossest gamer ever! Prepare for nostalgia overload when GPK characters get set in motion.

With the original Topps trading card sets being some of the most collectible ’80s merchandise, this game is a wonderful alternative to spending thousands to recollect the cards. The animations, while simple, are still a fun way to bring the characters to life.

Watch the Jay Plays Garbage Pail Kids: The Game episode below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Download Garbage Pail Kids: The Game for FREE with in-app purchases in the App Store and Google Play.

Official Features and description:

The Garbage Pail Kids™ are here! Grit your teeth as the naughty icons of the 80s get ready to battle in this extremely entertaining turn based action RPG. Build the ultimate team of your favorite cards with original characters released by Topps in the 1980s and beyond. Fully animated like never before, these wacky kids yet legendary entertainers will fight with everything they’ve got — lasers, spray paint, dance moves, nuclear weapons, and anything they can spit, spew, or hurl on the battlefront. HELL YEAAAAH!


  • Collect a barrage of characters
  • Brawler, Tank, and Support character classes
  • Unleash authentic character abilities
  • Unlock various Fights with Level-Ups
  • Win Character Tokens, Coins, Gems, and Junks
  • Complete Achievements to win special rewards
  • Use coins to train and upgrade characters
  • Upgrade cards to unlock Special & Leader Skills
  • Slapstick audio effects

More on the official website GPKthegame.com

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