Jay Plays Fridger Arcade

In this review, Jay Plays Fridger Arcade by Harrison Peterson. This independently developed arcade game is a homage to the cabinets of old. Rescue steaks as you climb to multiple levels and shoot chickens who are determined to burn the steaks.

This game really has vibes of Donkey Kong, Popeye, Burgertime, and other climbing style platform games from the ’80s. It’s relatively easy to play and for now, doesn’t have any ads so you can just enjoy the game. I’m hoping more levels will be added to the game as it appears not many people have heard about Fridger to further the development.

Watch the Jay Plays Fridger Arcade episode below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Download Fridger for FREE in the App Store and Google Play.

Official synopsis:

Every wrestling career has to start somewhere. For you it’s the mean streets of Rowdy City. Rowdy City’s Wrestling gym is a place where dreams can be made or crushed. You will meet a variety of characters throughout your career, some who want to help you and others who maybe have other plans for you.

In career mode you will start as a nobody and fight your way towards the RCW World Championships. It’s not going to be an easy journey, you will fight in 1 vs 1 matches, six person brawls and royal rumble events. The aim of the game is to earn cash to improve your stats so you can take on the guys at the top. If you need a bit of extra cash you can pick up a part time job lugging boxes around, or take the more dangerous route and do some street fights.

There are a variety of characters to unlock and an endless mode that lets you jump straight into a royal rumble mode.

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