Jay Plays Cobra Kai Card Fighter

In the first episode for Season 2, Jay Plays Cobra Kai: Card Fighter by Boss Team Games. This card-collecting, turn-based mobile game will have fans of the TV series showing no mercy on their opponents. Unlock your favorite characters, upgrade your moves, and build your dojo to become a true karate champ!

I’ve been a fan of the series since it first debuted on YouTube (even though I have yet to watch Season 3 on Netflix!) The game is a great extension of series with fun dialogue, vibrant colors, and great animation for the showdowns which of course is what you need for a fighting game.

Watch the Jay Plays Cobra Kai: Card Fighter episode below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Download Cobra Kai: Card Fighter for FREE with in-app purchases in the App Store and Google Play.

Official Features and description:

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is part collectible card game, part turn-based fighter based on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Pick your path and choose your dojo in the official mobile game packed with turn-based strategy and fast-paced Collectible Card Game fighting! Are you Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do? Now you can step inside the dojo to unlock your favorite fighters, train them up, and compete with friends!

Three decades after the events of the original Karate Kid™, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso rekindle their All-Valley rivalry. In Cobra Kai: Card Fighter you get a chance to re-open the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos, train your students in each fighting style, and build out a roster of fighters to take on all challengers in PvP multiplayer action.

Battle one-on-one with friends and foes alike or play offline to hone your skills and improve your rank! Build decks for each fighter to enhance their specific skills, earn rare cards and new moves to perform epic combos, and play wild cards to change the game in brand new ways. Cobra Kai: Card Fighter puts you in control of your favorite characters from the series in an exciting new way that’s loaded with non-stop action and strategy!

Fast-paced Card Fighting Action!

  • Customize your decks based on move type, card color, or power level (don’t forget the Wild Cards!) to discover synergies and fine-tune your fighting strategy!
  • Earn XP, level up characters, and help your students earn their Black Belts!
  • Collect and upgrade your Dojo Cards to make them more powerful and pull off EPIC COMBOS! SWEEP THE LEG!

Build your Dojo! Will you side with Cobra Kai or team up with Miyagi-Do?

  • Recruit students to your karate dojo and teach them special moves!
  • Fight against the training dummy and AI to test your skills!
  • Spar against other online players to rank up!
  • Compete in weekly and monthly online Tournaments to win honor and prizes!

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