Greatest Lists: Sports 40th Anniversary Review

Jason and Eric take a break from Season 2 of Greatest Lists with a bonus episode! 40 years ago today, the album Sports was released by Huey Lewis and the News and became one of the definitive albums of the ’80s. To celebrate this special occasion, the episode will feature the album’s history, their personal connection and then a track-by-track review.

If you listen to the Sports episode on Spotify premium, you’ll hear the each song played in its entirety during the episode. You can also connect with the album on other streaming services like Amazon, Apply, and YouTube by using this Songwhip link. Stream the episode below and leave your thoughts on Sports in the comments.

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While you are here, watch the music videos from Sports starting with “I Want a New Drug”…

“Heart and Soul”…

“Heart of Rock and Roll”…

and “If This Is It”.

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