Greatest Lists S1 Wrap Up Show

The first season of Greatest Lists has been completed but Jason and Eric return one more time to wrap up the season with a bonus show. Our hosts give their thoughts on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony that happened in November, run down a list of Top 10 Honorable Mentions for Season 1 (songs that maybe should have been in the countdown but weren’t) and talk up Season 2 a little bit.

Greatest Lists is best heard on Spotify Premium, which includes the featured song(s) in its entirety during the show and bonus songs at the end. If you use a different app to listen to Greatest Lists and want to listen to the music, use this “Eye of the Tiger” Songwhip link to connect with the song in your favorite music app.

Greatest Lists is best heard on Spotify Premium with the featured songs played in their entirety during each podcast. You can also connect with the show in your favorite listening app like Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and more or stream episodes by visiting the Greatest Lists website.

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  1. Great honorable mentions. I was surprised some of those didn’t make the main list. I believe I even guessed Modern English as one of Eric’s choices for the Top 10. Very sad to hear you are leaving the ’80s for the start of Season 2.

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