GEEKSTER Comic Book Month This March!

It’s Comic Book Month here at Geekster Magazine (formerly The Retro Network) and throughout March we’re celebrating our favorite superheroes in pop culture! We’ll be talking superhero comic books, cartoons, toys, movies and so much more! But this isn’t a solo mission, we want YOU to get in on the action, so here are some ways that you can be our HERO during Geekster Comic Book Month and be entered to win a Retro Comic Book Prize Pack!

Origin Story: In at least 500 words or a 2-3 minute video, tell us how you became a comic book fan, or the first time you saw your favorite superhero on TV, or the first superhero action figures you played with as a kid. However you got started exploring the world of comic book heroes, we want to hear about it!

Comic Book Mount Rushmore: We want to know what you think is the best of the best, so tell us who belongs on your “Mt. Rushmore”. Just give us your Top 4 in any category with an explanation as to why you made each selection. Again, a total of at least 500 words is what we’re looking for, or a 2-3 minute video. What category you choose for your Mt. Rushmore is only limited by your imagination. We’re listing some category ideas below, but you’re not limited to these. Maybe you have another that you want to share!

X-Men Characters
Comic Book Villains
Comic Book Video Games
Single Issues
Comic Book Toy Lines

Comic Book Movies
Comic Book Heroes
Comic Book Cartoons
Graphic Novels
Action Figures
Super Powers

DC Characters
Marvel Characters
Batman Villains
Most Evil

Super Collector: Do you have a favorite comic book character, movie, or toy line that has caused you to become a Super Collector? Share your favorite items in your collection with us through photos or video, explaining what caused you to become such a fan and why these collectibles are so special to you.

How do you win? At the end of the month, our panel of judges here at Geekster will determine which article or video has the most personality, creativity, and enthusiasm behind it and announce the winner. We will then send the winner a Retro Comic Book Prize Pack filled with comic books, trading cards, Wizard magazines, and more nostalgic goodies. Note: Shipping rates have risen in the new year, so unfortunately this contest is only open to residents of the United States of America, no international entries will be eligible to win the prize.

How To Submit Your Entry: Just go to the Geekster Home Page and click on the Submit A Post button below the header. Create a title, then copy & paste your write-up and photos into the form provided (be sure to include your name, email, or social media handle so that we can contact you). If you have a video to submit, write up a description in the form, then click the Add Media link to upload your file. If you want to upload the video to your personal YouTube channel first, you can just add the video via that link by clicking the YouTube button on the form. All entries must be received by March 23rd, 2024 to be eligible for the contest prize. 

Didn’t Win? Stick Around!: Not only will we be having more theme months and contests in the coming year, but we also want to make a new friend and hear more about your pop culture obsessions. Geekster is a community of folks who love to share their passion for movies, video games, toys, books and so much more. So submit an article about whatever topic makes you most excited, whenever you feel like it and we’ll look forward to getting geeky with you!

To keep up with all of the goings on around Geekster and for more geeky fun, follow us on your favorite social media platform by clicking any (or all!) of the buttons below!

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