Geek Out! Podcast, Ep. 1: Lunchboxes with Shawn Robare

For the premiere of the new Geek Out! podcast here on Geekster, host Adam Pope is joined by Shawn Robare to talk about his passion for collecting vintage lunchboxes. The pair reminisce about the lunchboxes of their youth and the artistry that made them unique, before Shawn reveals the story behind a one of a kind mystery lunchbox.

Find Shawn’s collection of retro themed pop culture content at

In the video version of this discussion, you’ll be able to see the vintage lunchboxes shared by both Adam and Shawn during their conversation. View it on the Geekster YouTube channel here

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Living in the past and loving it. A child of the 80s/90s who enjoys collecting old VHS tapes, action figures, video games and remembering the fun of being a kid. Co-Host of WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics who loves talking 90's comics.

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