Five More of Mickey’s Favorite Happy Meals

On this week’s episode of the TRN Podcast, Jason and I discussed our favorite Happy Meals in the Time Machine.  I have so many favorites, it was hard to narrow the list down to just five.  So here are five more of my favorites just for you.

Fraggle Rock from 1987

Fraggle Rock was a a big deal at the time, and McDonalds added to the fever with their Happy Meal set in 1987.  The toys in these featured the various Fraggle Rock characters in little vehicles that were designed like hollowed out vegetables with wheels.

Santa Claus:  The Movie Storybooks from 1985

The movie was kind of a let down, but the books were kind of cool as a holiday time promotion.  I still have my original copy of The Legend of Santa Claus that I break out and re-read every few Christmases.

DuckTales from 1988

I was a huge fan of the cartoon in it’s original run, and being able to get toys based off the series had huge appeal to me.  But better than the toys were the boxes for this Happy Meal.  It featured gorgeous artwork and really captured the spirit of the series.

Muppet Babies from 1987

Another cartoon series that I was really into was The Muppet Babies.  These toys were really cool, as they featured the key characters with a fun ride-on toy.  Gonzo on his tricycle is probably best remembered, but Miss Piggy in her pink car and Kermit with his skateboard are two more really good ones.

Halloween Pails from 1989

1989 wasn’t the first year McDonalds featured the Halloween Pails, but it was the first year that more than just a pumpkin-themed one was available.  The 1989 set featured the debut of the green witch pail and the cool white ghost pail.  Both of them look awesome on display alongside all the Jack-o-Lantern versions from through the years.

So between the podcast and this post, and the one I mentioned in my Retro Ramblings column this week, you now know eleven of my favorite McDonalds Happy Meals.  What were some of yours?

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