Five Fun Facts About McDonald’s Big Mac

McDonald’s Big Mac is one of the most famous fast food menu items in the world. I’m sure almost everyone reading this has enjoyed at least one of them in their lifetime. Some of us have enjoyed way more than that. But for all of the Big Macs you’ve eaten, there are a lot of things about it that you probably don’t know. Let us clue you in on some of the best trivia tidbits about the beloved Big Mac.

The Big Mac Was Created With Steelworkers in Mind

Way back in 1967 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, McDonald’s franchisee Jim Delligatti knew that his customer base was primarily steelworkers. He would see his hard-working customers roll in at dinner time with huge appetites after long, hard days, and knew that the regular cheeseburger with its single patty just wasn’t cutting it. In an effort to satisfy the hungry crowds, he began experimenting. First using two patties on a bun, and then later adding pickles and onions. Before long he found a winning formula when he added another piece of bread and special sauce to the sandwich. On a tour of stores, franchise founder Ray Kroc stopped in and gave it a try. He approved of the burger and the Big Mac was added to menus nationwide the following year.

Several Names Were Tried Before They Settled on ‘Big Mac’

Before it made its national debut, the burger was given several different names. One of the names that Delligatti tried out was ‘The Aristocrat’, but he realized that it didn’t convey the image that the burger was for everyone. Esther Glickstein, a 21-year-old secretary for the McDonald’s advertising department, suggested the name Big Mac, but was initially laughed off by higher-ups in the company. She got the last laugh though when they came around to the idea and the name stuck.

The Big Mac Bun Has A LOT of Sesame Seeds

There are anywhere between 385-400 sesame seeds on every Big Mac Bun.

The Big Mac is McDonald’s Second Best Selling Menu Item of All Time

According to Bryant Miesle, who is a McDonald’s correspondent for their PR firm, the Big Mac ranks second all-time in sales behind McDonald’s iconic french fries. Over one million Big Macs were sold in 2022 alone.

Pittsburgh Renamed Itself After the Big Mac

It was temporary, but they still did it. In September 1992, for the Big Mac’s 25th anniversary, Pittsburgh changed its name to ‘Big Mac USA’ for a single day. It was a tribute to the city’s proximity to Uniontown PA where the burger was born.

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