Check Out Those Ads! – Marvel Holiday Special #1

The Marvel Holiday Special kicks of the final month of our 30th Anniversary year for comic book ads.

The Marvel Holiday Special is an anthology of sorts. Eight different stories each with a different hero or group of heroes. Thor, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America and more all do their part to save Christmas. Ghost Rider is even mistaken for Santa!

Each story also features a different set of writers, inkers and artists. It was a nice way for Marvel to highlight all their talent in one mega issue.

Marvel Holiday Special

Marvel Holiday Special Cover

The Marvel Holiday Special was an annual holiday comic starting in 1991 and ending with a fizzle in 1994. Marvel published another Holiday Special in 1996 but then nothing for nine years. When Marvel published a new issue in 2005 there was no indication it would be an annual event.

They published another in 2006, then another in 2007. Alright! They have a nice streak going, then nothing in 2008. They toy with your emotions then shatter your heart and at Christmas time! How could you Marvel!

The last Marvel Holiday Special released was in 2011. I didn’t buy it, I had enough.

It’s easy to pick on Marvel, but DC had the same sporadic publishing time-line with their holiday specials.

The real problem with this issue is, there are exactly zero ads.

If there aren’t any ads what can we look at? Well, in-between the stories Marvel added artwork of different characters during the Christmas season. I like the artwork, it gives the characters more life. It let’s you know even superheroes celebrate the holidays and enjoy a snowball fight or two.

Except for maybe The Punisher, his happiness died with his family.

Enjoy the Marvel characters…enjoying the Christmas season.

Happy Holidays!

Marvel Holiday Special Captain American Diamonback

Best Christmas tree star ever!

Fantastic Four

Marvel Holiday Special Fantastic Four

When that snowball hits, The Thing is not going to be happy!

Relaxing with MJ

Marvel Holiday Special Spider-Man

Sometimes after a hard day of fighting crime you just want to hangout with loved ones.

Thor Guards the Yule Tree

Marvel Holiday Special Thor

Rockefeller Center is safe tonight.


Marvel Holiday Special Ghost Rider

I’ve had some bad dreams before but Santa never had a flaming skull.

Snowball Fight!!

Marvel Holiday Special X-Men

I’d hate to get hit with one of these snowballs! It’d be worse than Buddy the Elf.

Mutant Melodies

Marvel Holiday Special Mutant Melodies

This is labeled as Mutant Melodies 2, but it’s the first Holiday Special and the only song list in the issue. I wonder when Mutant Melodies 1 appeared?

Season’s Greetings

Marvel Holiday Special Captain America

Can you name all the supers in this picture?

Hulk … SMASH!

Marvel Holiday Special Hulk

Rest Easy, Punisher has the Watch

Marvel Holiday Special Punisher

This time of year is filled with never ending ads. Catalogs, newspapers, radio, TV commercials, it’s a nonstop barrage.

Sometimes you have to take a break and enjoy the little things. Like hitting The Thing with a snowball.

Don’t forget to ask Santa to put some comics under the tree this year.

Marvel Holiday Special Full Cover

Marvel Holiday Full Cover_sm

Until next time, keep your comics bagged and boarded…unless you want to thumb through them to check out the great ads!

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  1. Don’t remember these Holiday Specials because the early ’90s was a time when I was not reading comics very much. I think I would have loved these though and thank you for sharing.

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