Bracket Madness: 2nd Best ’80s Music Video

This installment of the Retro Network’s Bracket Madness tournament podcast is a unique one! Join Mike (@FallWestMike of @AdventCalHouse), Stacey (@geeky_vixen), Tim (@oldschool80s), Karen (@KarenFlieger8), Eric (@Eric_Vardeman), and Gary (@MileHighSamurai) with host Jason (@RD80s) as they pick the 2ND BEST ’80s Music Video.

After much discussion on Slack, the hosts decided to make Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” the honorary #1 music video of the 1980s. The 13-minute short film is truly epic and widely recognized as the top video of the ’80s. So instead of allowing the inevitable happen, the hosts figured it was a little more cloudy as to what music video should be runner up to “Thriller.” A field of 32 music videos will be entered into the tournament (4 by each host and 4 obvious picks pre-entered by Jason) and seeded according to their YouTube view count for the official video. Once the bracket is filled in, each matchup will then be decided by majority vote until a champion is declared! Will one of the top seeds reign like “Take on Me” or “Sledgehammer”? Or will a lower seed like “Fight For Your Right” or “Here I Go Again” be able to pull off an upset? Tune in and find out!

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Here is the bracket to fill out and follow along in the voting rounds…

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