As Seen on Recurrent Events: Coca-Cola Dreamworld

Back in Issue #1 of the new Recurrent Events newsletter, I told you about the new Coca-Cola Dreamworld that was coming to stores. Well, it is here and I recently picked up a bottle at the Walmart checkout. I really wasn’t a fan of the Starlight flavor that happened earlier this year. I likened it to when my oldest son goes crazy with the Freestyle machine and mixes up a batch of what I refer to as “Skittles Coke.”

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola got me interested in what my dreams taste like so I snagged a bottle. Watch my video review below of Coca-Cola Dreamworld and subscribe to the new Recurrent Events newsletter. Each Saturday morning you’ll get the latest reboot news and more retro pop culture sent right to your inbox. Or you can also read online and even skim through past issues.

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