As Seen on Recurrent Events: Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn

As I began curating the new Recurrent Events newsletter, one of the food related stories that motivated me to start doing some reviews again was Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn. The new treat features Hamburger, Hot Dog, popcorn, Fruit Punch, and Vanilla Ice Cream flavors.

TRN TV is no stranger to Brach’s themed confections as Mickey and his daughter have reviewed Turkey Dinner candy corn in the past. I also reviewed it as an exclusive for VIPs on Patreon. Brach’s also released themed jelly beans this past year that peaked my interested. I did a taste test of Taco Truck jelly beans on Instagram a few months ago.

After bring on the hunt for Tailgate Candy Corn over the past couple weeks (a Walgreens exclusive), I finally scored a bag this past Friday. My daughter was excited to try as well so I thought I’d bring her along for this review.

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