Archie is Finally Going to Choose Between Betty and Veronica

More than 80 years after he first found himself caught between the warring affections of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews will finally do the one thing he’s been avoiding so hard it’s become a running gag, and choose between the two greatest gals in Riverdale.

Archie was created in 1941 along with Betty Cooper. Veronica Lodge first debuted in Riverdale in 1942, and soon after the most iconic love triangle in comics (and one of the most well-known in all pop culture) was born. 

Since then, Archie has been so averse to making a choice that when Archie Comics published Life With Archie, a story that flashed forward to Archie’s adult life, it was published with two concurrent timelines – one in which Archie married Betty, and one in which he wound up with Veronica.

Life With Archie ended 10 years ago in 2014, and rather than leaving readers with any closure on which timeline might represent Archie’s “true” feelings, Archie was killed simultaneously in both by taking a bullet meant for his pal Senator Kevin Keller.

Yes, Archie Andrews literally died rather than having to pick between Betty and Veronica – a stark parable for all those of us who can’t even pick a restaurant without going back and forth.

So now, it’s come to this – a one-shot tale in which all of Riverdale comes together, including favorites such as Jughead, Josie and the Pussycats, and even Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to help Archie make his big choice. 

Of course, knowing Archie (and the nature of comics) who knows if Archie’s big choice will last outside of Archie: The Decision #1. Still, it’s nice someone’s finally got the gall to force America’s oldest teenager to pick a sweetheart.

Archie: The Decision #1 goes on sale August 28.

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