Wrestling Memory Grenade EP 05: NWA TV (2/25 – 3/19/89)

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This week on the Wrestling Memory Grenade, we continue on with 1989 NWA TV and the fallout of the Chi-Town Rumble PPV. If you fans missed the PPV Watch-Along episode, do yourselves a solid and head back to Episode 04 and check it out. It’s a whole lot of fun mixed with a ton of discussion about the PPV and the history of wrestling in general.

And now it’s onto episode #5 as we dissect another FOUR WEEKS of NWA TV where we begin with the weekend following Chi-Town Rumble, Feb. 25th, and continue on through March 19th, 1989. That’s a month’s worth of reviews in one history-packed jumbo-sized monster edition of the Grenade!

As always, along with the NWA TV reviews, we’ll have sidebar discussions about a variety of topics going on in the NWA today, including all the latest behind-the-scenes notes and news relevant to the weeks we are covering. Plus it’s the February edition of the VIP Jobber of the Month, AND the February ’89 NWA Top 10!

We know this is a monster-sized edition, so just in case you need to cut it up into a few periods of free time to get it all in we’ve included Timestamps below for all of the segments on the show so you can keep track of where you left off. Another tremendous show, so what are you waiting for? Dive on in!

NWA TV Notes and News for February and March 1989 (00:04:42)

NWA Pro 2/25 (00:09:30)
David Crockett just won’t go away! Steve Casey tries to get over by stealing his brother’s stache. The crowd pops for a Russian Assassins win? Are they trying to force the Fantastics out of the company? We’re still trying to identify the Terminators. Based on the card, could this be the worst episode ever?

NWA Worldwide 2/25 (00:17:40)
The NWA introduces the Green Screen of doom. The Fantastics are Poetry in Motion. Dick Murdoch busts out a KIP UP. Can someone find something for Sting to do (besides cutting promos)? Junkyard Dog never leaves his feet, even for the pin. Ivan Koloff’s face turn fizzled out of the gate. And who will be Michael Hayes’ teammate on the wheel of partners this week?

NWA World Championship Wrestling 2/25 (00:29:10)
We’re just FIVE DAYS REMOVED from the Chi-Town Rumble PPV and the NWA is GIVING AWAY ALL OF THE FINISHES ON FREE TV???!!! Missy Hyatt returns to manage Hot Stuff. Jim Ross makes a promise he can’t keep when he claims he will present an Internationally renowned superstar. If this were 1982 that might be true. Michael Hayes continues to cross the line, and this week he gets bleeped for his troubles. George Scott begins the push for “That Show in New Orleans”. Plus the first of three awesome Dan Spivey sound bites, worth the price of admission alone!

VIP Jobber of the Month for February 1989 (00:48:41)
We’re back for the next VIP Jobber of the Month Award! Who will win the trophy this time?

It’s the NWA Top 10 Parody for the month of February 1989 (00:50:28)

NWA Pro 3/4/89 (00:52:17)
This is it!!! It’s finally here!!! It’s David Crockett’s FINAL APPEARANCE, I PROMISE! Plus the SST unveil their manager, Michael Hayes continues to spin his Wheel of Partners, and it’s time to play Howdy Doody on your coconut with another Dan Spivey sound bite!

NWA Worldwide 3/4/89 (01:03:05)
Steve and Ray discuss if the SST was handed a manager too soon. We also discuss the new pay scales for some of the top talent. Is it fair that managers are making as much as the wrestlers? And it’s the last of 3 Dan Spivey sound bites as he promises to snap, crackle, and pop AT your bones! Plus, is the grass really greener on the other side?? Can it be true, can George Scott be worse than Dusty Rhodes? Lots of discussions on this episode.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 3/4/89 (01:16:21)
It’s the DEBUT of the DANGER ZONE, and Secret Service Jack Victory! More discussions as we talk Missy Hyatt and the First Family and if they work as faces. Hiro Matsuda scouts his next rock band? Bob Emery EARNS a shot at the TV TItle? Plus, Mike Rotunda is christened CAPTAIN of the Varsity Club. Plus, Lex Luger is CLEARLY on a CYCLE, and I don’t mean a bike. And, the Iron Sheik is HOW OLD???

NWA Main Event 3/5/89 (01:43:52)
We get a rematch from the main event from Chi-Town Rumble, no, not Steamboat vs. Flair, I’m talking Kendall vs. Casey, as The Windhams take on Eddie Gilbert and Steve Casey in the main event. Plus, Paul E. mocks former client Randy Rose, and they give away FLAIR VS. STEAMBOAT from Chi-Town Rumble on free TV!!! Just WTF?!?!

NWA Pro 3/11/89 (01:52:15)
We talk David Crockett’s DEATH STARE at Bob Caudle from his finals episode last week (images are on our Twitter!). Kevin Sullivan replaces Crockett on commentary. The round mound of sound, Joe Pedicino, makes his NWA debut, as does the NWA HOTLINE! Call 1-900-909-9900 today, or maybe not. Lex Luger uses a Full Nelson and it’s just weird. Flair and Steamboat continue to sell their rematch, but we’re never told when or where it is. #Stoopid. And we talk Flair’s change in demeanor while in the challenger position. Fun stuff all around.

NWA Worldwide 3/11/89 (02:00:44)
A lackluster card is made up for 100X over by THE DEBUT OF LANCE RUSSELL AS THE NEW HOST!!! Plus, the WWF’s American Express reunite, as Spivey and Rotunda team-up for tag team action.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 3/11/89 (02:04:53)
Capt. Mike begins the $10,000 challenge as he shows off his money in a ratty briefcase, IRS would be disgusted. Jim Cornette talks the SST. Jim Ross is a horn dog for Missy, but isn’t impressed by the Sheik. Michael Hayes gets compared to… fertilizer? Makes sense. Ric Flair in action, plus count them, 2 promos with the Nature Boy. We learn who was behind Rick Steiner’s “accident” They continue to push “That show in New Orleans”. Junkyard Dog does his best Akeem impersonation. And…. “Hot Stuff” Rick Steiner? Just look at the episode image!

NWA Main Event 3/12/89 (02:28:36)
Dr. Death & Mike Rotunda vs. Dick Murdoch & Michael Hayes. Can you believe Hayes tries to wrestle with Rotunda on the mat? PLEASE! Plus, it’s Lex Luger battling Barry Windham…. FROM CHI-TOWN RUMBLE…. Another freebie. Why ever buy a PPV again? Silly George Scott.

NWA Pro 3/18/89 (02:32:21)
6-Man Action with the Varisty Club vs. JYD, Michael Hayes, and Steve Casey. The Iron Sheik takes a “bump” to the floor in classic fashion. Seriously, check out the GIF on our Twitter @RasslinGrenade !

NWA Worldwide 3/18/89 (02:39:02)
Lance Russell and Ric Flair on commentary for the entire episode!!! Plus, Paul E. seeks revenge on Jim Cornette in the form of the SST. And, we have NEWWW United States Tag Team Champions. Oh yeah, and you’ve GOT to hear this ring announcer! Sound bites galore!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 3/18/89 (02:56:29)
Business is about to pick up, it’s the debut of THE GREAT MUTA! The Danger Zone w/JYD. Kevin Sullivan becomes a Coach. Ranger Ross debuts. Jim Ross does his best Ronald Reagan impersonation. We’re only two weeks away but we FINALLY get our very first mention of the Clash, in the form of a bumper. And holy crap, Ricky Steamboat cuts a GOOD promo! Plus, the Windhams take on Lex Luger & Michael Hayes which ends in a wild twist.

NWA Main Event (03:21:05)
Quickie Results in under a minute! The main event features Ric Flair and Barry Windham vs. Lex Luger & Eddie Gilbert, We wish we could have found this footage. If someone has this footage drop us a message, ASAP!
And to close the show, Ray Russell can’t hold it back any longer and goes on a George Scott Rant. (03:21:56)

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