TRN Talk – Sticker Collecting

The Retro Network’s talk show podcast returns to discuss sticker collecting! Remember back in the day when you collected scratch-n-sniff and puffy stickers and put them in a “sticker album?” Jason (@RD80s), Ben (@Batfandotcom), and Shawn (@ShawnRobare) reminisce about those days and why we still collect stickers now. We share our earliest memories of stickers, the peak of Panini sticker albums, and just our rare favorites that we love to show off. Join us for a light-hearted conversation that delves into our deepest roots of being a kid at heart.

As we mentioned during the podcast, we invite you try Sticker Mule for your next custom sticker project. Use this link to signup and receive a $10 credit in your account toward your next $10 purchase! TRN will also get a $10 credit so we can share the sticker love. We also recommend Sticker App if you want to print your own premium holographic or prismatic stickers!

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