TRN Roundtable Review – Stranger Things Season 3

Join Stacey (@Geeky_Vixen), Eric (@Eric_Vardeman), and Jason (@RD80s) as they take a deep dive into season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things in this TRN Roundtable Review. This podcast will be abound with SPOILERS so please watch the entire season before listening!

Our review will include our impressions of the first two seasons of Stranger Things and our expectations in response to the hype leading up to the new season. We’ll discuss the new cast of characters joining the show, development of existing characters, and the direction of the story. Plus, we’ll examine all of the ’80s aesthetics we love including the filming locations, the pop soundtrack and score, and the product placements. Finally, we’ll talk about the ending to season 3 and our predictions/wants for the next season and beyond.

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