TRN Podcast 041 – 1984 TV Shows

Jason and Mickey are back to talk television in the latest episode of TRN Podcast. First, we check in with how we are dealing with the coronavirus threat including enjoying the Spring weather. We then move on to this week’s Recurrent Events headlines which include:

  • The Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 preview
  • NFL playoff games on Nickelodeon
  • ESPN’s The Last Dance docuseries
  • Masters of the WWE Universe wave 3
  • Top 100 baseball cards of the ’80s

In this week’s TRN Time Machine segment sponsored by the RetroDaze, Jason and Mickey thumb through the 1984 TV Guide Fall Preview issue and rediscover all the primetime TV shows. There were some great debuts in ’84 including Airwolf, Miami Vice, and Night Court. There were also plenty of shows that didn’t make it past one season like Street Hawk, Partners in Crime, and Three’s a Crowd. Join us for a fun look back and our experience (or lack there of) with each show. Plus, we’ll read your feedback from Twitter.

Finally, we finish up the show by telling you about next week’s time machine topic and everything this coming week on The Retro Network and our Patreon page. Interact with us on social media by finding @TRNsocial on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also connect with hosts’ personal Twitter accounts by finding @RD80s for Jason and @yesterdayville for Mickey. If you enjoy the TRN Podcast and others in the channel like the new ’90s wrestling podcast In Your House and WIZARDS: The Podcast Guide to Comics, please leave a 5-star rating in your favorite app.

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