TRN Podcast 014 – G.I. Joe ‘Toons and Wordburglar Tunes

Jason and Mickey return for another week of pop culture past and present! In the present, we are trying to beat the dog days of Summer with a swig of Mountain Voodew. Then, we tackle this week’s Recurrent Events (@recurrentevents) headlines including:

  • 40th Anniversary Sony Walkman
  • Bad Boys For Life trailer reaction
  • Tomb Raider reboot sequel
  • Corporate Mascot Funko Pop Vinyls 
  • Metallica S&M2
  • A Very Brady Renovation
  • Mister Roger’s Neighborhood: A Visual History

We’ve renamed our main topic discussion to TRN Time Machine, sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel! Mickey and Jason rewind back to the classic animated series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero to remember their childhood experiences. We talk about when we started watching, our favorite characters, the feature-length movie, and beyond.

Finally, don’t miss our recap segment of what to expect on website this week including more G.I. Joe content you won’t want to miss!

The rapper Wordburglar is featured between segments this week including a Transformers-inspired track from his brand new album Spaceverse. Then keeping with this week’s theme, listen to “Rap-Viper” from his G.I. Joe tribute album Welcome to Cobra Island.

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