Toy of the Week: Hubert the Harris Bank Lion

Hubert the Lion

When was this toy produced? 

Hubert the Harris Bank Lion was offered as a premium through Harris Bank in the 1970’s and 1980’s. 

Was there a Cartoon? 

Sort of. Hubert was an advertising icon, so he appeared in very short segments between programs. 

Who was the Villain? 

There was no antagonist in the commercials. Hubert directly addressed the consumer (or the consumer’s parents). He was warm and friendly, yet dignified. 

Where did I acquire this toy? 

From what my mother told me, a family friend was considering opening an account at Harris Bank and she apparently asked my mother if I would like Hubert. She was concerned I might be afraid of it because I was too young to understand the commercials and it was a large stuffed animal at nearly thirty inches. 

Do I still have this toy/What do I still have from this toy’s original packaging? 

Unfortunately, I don’t have my Hubert anymore. I gave him to my cousins when I was in either middle school or high school. My mother told me Hubert was starting to show his age by that time. 

Did anything surprise me while researching this toy?

Hubert the Lion

The biggest surprise was how I acquired my Hubert because I had assumed it was from a relative. 

Something I had forgotten about was that Hubert had a black fur pom pom belly button. I remembered his black plastic glasses though. 

Another thing that disappointed me was that I did not have any pictures of me with my Hubert. I had so many pictures of my other toys, but no Hubert. It would have been a nice connection to my early days in Chicago.

My mom told me that when the Harris Bank commercials would come on, I would announce that I had a Hubert and hold mine up if I had it with me. 

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