The House Show 26: WWF Rock Bottom In Your House

If you smell what the Rock is cookin…then you will know this is the penultimate episode of the WWF In Your House series. We’ve come a long way baby, and start off today’s show with a little looking back. 

Today we’re also looking back to December 13, 1998 when over 20,000 fans gathered in the General Motors Palace in Vancouver, British Columbia for WWF Rock Bottom In Your House. The Rock and Mankind continue their feud over the WWF championship. In the main event Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker collide in the second Buried Alive match. Plus a lot more tag team matches than usual for WWF, a strip tease match (what?) and so much more. 

Plus your hosts take the conversation down paths in and outside of the ring. Treats has a Thanksgiving candy corn adventure. The Educator discusses a wine bar and home decorating. Nintendo’s Glover. Official vs unofficial tag team names. We fantasy book John Tenta. The shows newest segment “Kevin calls the action”. And if you get tired of smelling what the Rock is cooking, wait until you smell wrestling cologne. 

WWF Rock Bottom In Your House matches include:

  • D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry (with Jacqueline and Terri Runnels) vs Supply and Demand (The Godfather and Val Venis).
  • The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) vs The Oddities (Golga and Kurrgan) (with Giant Silva and Luna Vachon).
  • Steve Blackman vs Owen Hart.
  • The Brood (Christian, Edge and Gangrel) vs The J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly and Scorpio) (with Head).
  • Goldust vs Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) in a “Strip Tease” match.
  • The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) (WWF tag team champions) vs The Corporation (Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock) (with Shawn Michaels).
  • Mankind vs The Rock (WWF champion) (with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon).
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) in a Buried Alive match.

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The Retro Network’s own Kevin Decent (@MaskedLibrary) along with his two best friends “Sweet” Matty Treats (@MattyTreats) and Matt “the Educator of Excellence” are revisiting the WWF’s In Your House pay per view events over the course of the worldwide quarantine. This trios team has been watching wrestling all their lives and debating the outcomes since high school. Join them each week for a new podcast and invite them in your house.

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