The House Show 010 – WWF In Your House: Mind Games

On today’s episode we talk about a WWF that is just about to change. WCW Monday Nitro has taken the lead. The kids who worshiped Hulk Hogan are now teenagers and young adults wanting something more edgy. WWF isn’t yet fully committed to taking the product in a new direction. An upstart more mature company is getting noticed and fans are treating them as an equal alternative to WWF. All of this comes to a head September 22, 1996 from the CoreStates Center in the home of Extreme – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

15,000 of the hardest to please wrestling fans on earth showed up for the tenth installment in the In Your House series. Kevin asks Matty Treats if he is one of those fans. As usual we comment on what the front row is doing and, wait a minute! They don’t work here! Why are ECW wrestlers Tommy Dreamer and Sandman along with Paul Heyman sitting in the front row? We talk about wrestlers that appear but don’t have matches, like the legendary Fake Diesel and Fake Razor. Discussion of Jim Cornette’s wrestling talent. Rodeo Sunny appears. Jim Ross begins his heel turn. Mankind is in phenomenal shape. Kevin makes too many anime references. Then we talk about one of the most violent matches we’ve seen since this podcast began and how it matches up with our nostalgic memories. All of this plus our trademark match breakdowns, wrestling history, side stories, and bad jokes.

Tonight’s matches include:

Savio Vega vs. Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw (with Uncle Zebekiah) in a Caribbean Strap Match.

Jose Lothario vs. Jim Cornette.

Owen Hart and the British Bulldog (with Clarence Mason) vs. The Smoking Gunns with Sunny (WWF Tag Team Champions).

Mark Henry vs. Jerry “the King” Lawler

The Undertaker vs. Goldust (with Marlena).

Shawn Michaels (WWF Champion) (with Jose Lothario) vs. Mankind (with Paul Bearer).

The Retro Network’s own Kevin Decent (@MaskedLibrary) along with his two best friends “Sweet” Matty Treats (@MattyTreats) and Matt “the Educator of Excellence” are revisiting the WWF’s In Your House pay per view events over the course of the worldwide quarantine. This trios team has been watching wrestling all their lives and debating the outcomes since high school. Join them each and every week and invite them in your house.

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