Retro Mega Construx Wishlist Part 2: More Masters of the Universe

Even though my last list was all the other retro properties that I wish Mega Construx would pick up, don’t let that fool you for a second because I’m still jonesing for more Masters of the Universe sets! I’m amazed by how expansive the Masters of the Universe line has become lately, with the new Skeletor head sets, Triclops and Trapjaw being released in their comic book colors, and He-Man and Skeletor getting their battle armor designs. I could just say I wish everything from the original line would get a Mega Construx set, but there’s still some I want to see that wouldn’t be included in that list. So here are the figures and sets I’ve got my fingers crossed we get.

King Randor and Queen Marlena

I remember back in the original line seeing a King Randor figure, but Queen Marlena didn’t get a figure until 2011 in the Classics line. So, it’s definitely time to see them together in a 2-pack, like the He-Man & Beastman set that came out around series 3. While I would love to see them come with a double throne build, I think just having these two figures would be fantastic, if only to be held hostage by Skeletor over and over again. Randor doesn’t have a lot of repack options, but give me a Marlena in a spacesuit with the remains of her Earthen spaceship, whether they call it the Valiant or the Rainbow Explorer.


I watched She-Ra like crazy as a kid, but I didn’t collect many of the figures. I think my brother had Leech and Mantenna, but I don’t remember even seeing any of Rebellion’s toys. I think it would be awesome to see some of the main characters; however, I don’t think the show deserves its own dedicated line (don’t kill me!). For me, the best way to do this would be to either dedicate a 5-figure wave to the show or release a 5-pack like they did after Series 2. Ideally, the set would include She-Ra, Bow, Catra, Shadowweaver, and Hordak, but I’d be okay swapping out Shadowweaver with Glimmer to match up with the She-Ra reboot’s cast. Even better would be doing a 5-pack with all the characters but She-Ra, instead putting her and Adora in their own 2-pack.


The wise old dragon Granamyr from Masters of the Universe has only had a single figure , back in 2012 in the Classics line. Obviously, a figure about 14 inches tall in a sitting position is a difficult sell, but scaling him down to fit in with the Mega Construx figures would be a lot more palatable. With the great dragon sets Mega Construx has been doing lately with the Game of Thrones line, I’m sure they could give us an incredible (yet compact) version of the character. Make sure to throw in a couple treasure chests and random weapons, though.

Snake Mountain

I’m obviously not holding my breath for a lot of the stuff on the list, but Snake Mountain seems especially unlikely, even with the recent release of the playset from Super 7. When Mega Construx was producing sets based on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, they only created one massive set, the Technodrome, while ignoring the Turtles’ home, the Sewer Den, even though it wouldn’t be nearly as big. Maybe that’s because the Turtles got two different home playsets in the movie and the newer cartoon lines, but I’d imagine Mega Construx is limited to only doing one huge set per line. If I’m wrong, I sure hope Snake Mountain isn’t too far down the line.

Power Sword

Mega Construx has lately been doing some prop builds in the Halo line, including Master Chief’s helmet and the Energy Sword. Both sets are pretty impressive, with the energy sword obviously being the better one. If we were able to get He-Man’s sword in the same kind of set, it would be one heck of a display piece. I can just picture hefting it up and yelling “By the power of Grayskull!” at the top of my lungs right before accidentally hitting something with it and shattering it to a thousand pieces. So maybe not the best idea, but it would sure look cool.


Lastly, I know there’s no way in hell this would happen, but if Mega Construx can do a mock-up of Robot Chicken’s Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist, there’s no reason whatsoever why they can’t make everyone’s favorite bunny-eared, extra-dimensional despot. I’m just saying.

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