Recurrent Events: Transformers Reaction Figures, Pretzel Pop-Tarts, Live-Action The Maxx Adaptation

Tranformers meets G.I. Joe in action figure form! Sweet and salty collide in new Pretzel Pop-Tarts! The Maxx gets pushed in the spotlight to the max! Those are just a few headlines we have to offer in this week’s edition of Recurrent Events.

On a programming note, The Recurrent Events segment is taking a week off from the upcoming TRN podcast in order to introduce you to a new retro movie review show from Mickey and Jason titled “TRN Drive-In.” But never fear, Recurrent Events will return the following week with our take on the latest retro pop culture news.

Be sure to checkout our Thanksgiving features this week on The Retro Network including several articles here on the website, a special tribute to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats of the ’80s on the TRN YouTube channel, and more Thanksgiving-themed content on our podcast channel.

Here are your headlines for the week of Nov 17-23, 2019.










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