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When Santa Became Real

I want to share a story from my childhood about a Christmas unlike any other I had known before it. It was a Christmas that changed my outlook on the holiday, and as you’ll read, CONTINUE READING…


Do You Remember? Joust

You have to wonder whether the programmers at Williams Electronics didn’t have a bit of a sadistic streak in them. It’s one thing to pit best friends against one another—Gun Fight, Warlords, and others had already taken CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Condorman

Picture James Bond, slightly geekier and with a winged condor suit. Got it? Then you’re ready for Condorman, a goofy action/comedy from Disney, starring the world’s most unlikely superheroic secret agent. Comic book writer/artist Woody Wilkins CONTINUE READING…

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10 Best Cartoons of the 80’s

Cartoons were inescapable in the 1980’s. Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons and even on cable TV, colorful animated characters were everywhere we looked. While the majority were shoddy productions conceived as part of carefully constructed marketing CONTINUE READING…

Garbage Pail Kids
Best Of 2

15 Vintage Garbage Pail Kids Favorites

I recently received an amazing package in the mail from a friend who had inherited his older brother’s childhood collectibles. Mixed among the comic books and Marvel Universe trading cards were a cardboard time capsule of the ’80s that I was not expecting, Garbage Pail Kids! CONTINUE READING…

Code Red
Best Of 2

5 Nearly Forgotten TV Shows

Through the many years of television, there have been thousands of TV shows created.  Usually, only the cream of the crop last for multiple seasons and go on to live vividly in the memories of CONTINUE READING…

Best Of 3

Disney’s Duck Dynasty

Everyone loves an underdog. From Rocky to The Bad News Bears, Hollywood has been capitalizing on our love for the little guy, pitting our hopeless heroes against seemingly invincible opponents. With most other major sports already having an CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Yahtzee

A bejillion years from now, when archaeologists are digging up the suburban dens of our buried civilization, amid all the broken down ColecoVisions and My Buddy dolls, a Yahtzee box will be reverently dusted off and carted away. CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Jelly Shoes

In everything from digital watches to computers, the 80’s were filled with the hope of all the wonders science could concoct. Jelly shoes ranked high on the mad-scientist laboratory list, joining the ranks of rubber CONTINUE READING…

Cop Rock
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Cop Rock

When people who aren’t television fans are asked why they don’t watch, they usually answer with something like, “It’s just the same old stuff,” or “No one has tried anything new on television in years.” CONTINUE READING…

Buster Brown Shoes
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Buster Brown Shoes

“I’m Buster Brown, and I live in a shoe. That’s my dog, Tige, and he lives there, too. Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!” Charlie and Snoopy, Our Gang and Pete, Buster and Tige…No childhood relationship CONTINUE READING…

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