Mattel Creations Brings Original Street Sharks Designs To Life

In September 1994, the Street Sharks animated series was released in syndication. In conjunction with the cartoon, Mattel also released a series of action figures featuring the half-man, half shark characters. The successful series and toyline lasted for 3 years and still holds plenty of ’90s nostalgia today.

Mattel Creations, the elevated collector platform for unique creations, is bringing back three limited edition Street Sharks action figures on Aug 27. The new figures are based on original concept designs that eventually evolved into the characters used in the animated series and toyline. Here is Mattel’s official description of the new figures:

Before they became our favorite animated man-sharks from the ’90s, the Street Sharks started as sketches. Some of the sketches eventually morphed into the toothy crime fighters we know and love, and some never saw the light of day. Until now. Our designers dug through the archives to give three original concepts of Clambo, Karkass, and Ripster their time in the water. And the result is fin-tastic!

The new Street Sharks figures will debut Aug 27 for $75 on Mattel Creations. You’ll also find more behind the scenes imagery and information about the toy designers on the website.

What do you think about the new Street Sharks figures? Will you be picking them up?

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