Jay Plays Super 80s World

On this week’s episode, Jay Plays the platform runner Super 80s World! “Dr. Noid Wormser hates the ’80s and vowed to erase the decade. Emptying the pop culture of his tortured youth from the recycle bin of history. Only one man, stuck in the decade forever, has the power to stop him. That man is Dan Camaro.”

Released by Tap Tap Good, Super 80s World is full of 1980s pop culture easter eggs and references throughout. Collecting VHS tapes, NES carts, and audio cassettes makes the achievements fun. It also has a great retrowave soundtrack that can break the monotony of trying to collect all of the gold items on each of the 40 levels.

Watch the episode below and tell us your thoughts on the game:

Find Super 80s World in the Apple App Store ($2.99) and Google Play ($2.99).

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