Jay Plays Prizefighters

This week’s episode of Jay Plays features Prizefighters by Koality Game. This boxing game is a fun nod to predecessors like Punch-Out! on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Take control of your prizefighter in career, online, or arcade mode and knockout the competition! Upgrade your stats to become quicker and stronger. Customize your fighters characteristics, wardrobe, and ring to add a personal touch to the game.

Watch the episode below and tell me your thoughts on the game…

Play the Prizefighters for FREE with in-app purchases. Find it in the App Store and Google Play.

• Climb up the ranks in Career mode and become the greatest champion
• Level up to unlock new skills and stat upgrades
• Fully customize your appearance, ring, and even opponents
• Interact with social features such as friends lists and private messaging
• Compete for high scores in multiple arcade modes
• Choose from different control options including virtual buttons and gamepad support
• Recover your boxer at any time with Cloud Saves

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