Jay Plays Bumblebee Overdrive

This week’s episode of Jay Plays features Bumblebee Overdrive: Transformers Arcade Racing by Budge Studios. Bumblebee and his fellow Autobots have the task of overcoming treacherous terrain and rival Decepticons in both vehicle and robot modes for this shoot-em-up racing game.

This is a fast-paced and challenging game to say the least (as you’ll see in the video), but it was great to see mainly G1-style characters in the game. The change between racing vehicles to shooting robots keeps Bumblebee Overdrive from being a monotonous endless runner or racer.

Watch Jay Plays Bumblebee Overdrive below and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments…

Play Bumblebee Overdrive: Transofrmers Arcade Racing for FREE with in-app purchases.

Find it now in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon

Official features

• DRIVE fast and fearlessly to Decepticon bases!
• RACE the streets to outrun chasing cars and shooting drones!
• CONVERT into robot mode to blast your way to the boss!
• DESTROY the Decepticon bases!
• BATTLE and defeat the epic bosses to get rewards!
• UPGRADE your Transformers’ armor and blaster!
• BONUS: Come back for new missions and events!

• BUMBLEBEE: Everyone’s favorite yellow Autobot!
• STEALTH BUMBLEBEE: Muscle car Bumblebee goes undercover!
• OPTIMUS PRIME: The heroic leader of the Autobots. He is an armored powerhouse!
• SIDESWIPE: A courageous warrior that converts into a slick sports car!
• ARCEE: A skilled female Autobot with dual blasters!
• MIRAGE: This Autobot spy and racing car is a skilled fighter!
• RATCHET: This Autobot medic is always ready to support the team!
• JAZZ: A Special Ops Autobot with a supersonic sound system!
• NOVASTAR: Nobody messes with this powerful resistance fighter!
• MOONRACER: A bubbly female Autobot whose blaster skills are no joke!

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