Hellions Talks with Paul Axel and Jimmy Kucaj for The New Amsterdam Game Kickstarter

On today’s episode of the show, Kevin sits down with Paul Axel and Jimmy Kucaj to discuss their new Kickstarter comic project – The New Amsterdam Game: Gooseberry’s Midnight Ride.

Paul and Jimmy tell all about how they got into comics and we discuss their previous works. Then it’s on to this amazing new Kickstarter project. These two became instant friends of the show and I couldn’t wait to support this project. There’s just two weeks left (from this post’s publishing date) so see the project below and click over find the tier that is perfect for you. With your help this comic can come to life.

From the Kickstarter description:

The New Amsterdam Game is a proposed series of one-shot comics about the mysterious Gooseberry, a masked vigilante bedeviling British troops in Revolutionary New York City. A sword-swinging, action-packed story, The New Amsterdam Game follows in the steps of ZorroThe Princess Bride, and The Count of Monte Cristo

“Gooseberry’s Midnight Ride” is designed to act as an introduction to the key characters and setting of The New Amsterdam Game. Every story can be read separately, or all together as one saga – no complicated backstories, no convoluted storylines. Just pick up, and enjoy!

Check out Paul’s site HERE.

Check out Jimmy’s work HERE.

As part of The Retro Network, this show is pleased to tell you all about the great deals at FUN.com.

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