TRN Podcast 004 – I Want My MTV!, Batman The Novel

The Retro Network Podcast is back with Mickey telling about his recent vacation to King’s Island while Jason preps for his “drivecation.” Recurrent Events topics include Halloween 2, a Space Invaders Board Game, the new ‘Scooby Doo and Guess Who’ series, KFC’s upcoming Cheetos chicken sandwich, ‘Battle of the ’80s Supercars,” Batman’s election to the Walk of Fame and more. Jason then dials up Paxton Holly of the I Read Movies Podcast on the TRN Hotline to discuss Batman ’89 and particularly, its novelization. Our main topic this week is all about out MTV memories and favorite music videos with special guest and TRN’s resident music guru Eric Vardeman. Finally, we will give a preview of what to expect this week on website.

Listen between segments for the Clip of the Week, a CBS News report about MTV and its influence on the music industry and fans. Plus, you’ll hear a classic “I Want My MTV” commercial and promo to win Axl Rose’s condo, referenced in our main topic segment.

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